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Telephone Guide™ has maintained #1 circulation since its first publication in 1982. It has since grown to become the most well-known medium of mass communication in the Japanese Community reaching into households, business offices, hotels, governmental & tourist organizations, and more. Telephone Guide™ is the most frequently used resource in the Japanese Community of California. Many hotels keep copies of Telephone Guide™ in each of their rooms, making the total readership approximately 500,000 people a year.



Telephone Guide™ is FREE and has distribution points throughout California. One can easily pick-up a copy at a nearby Japanese grocery or book stores, restaurants, hotels, or visitors' centers. This is why Telephone Guide™ is spread throughout Southern California.



Accurate, Complete, and Up-to-Date are all words frequently used to describe the information contained in Telephone Guide™. Listing more than 95% of existing Japanese businesses in California, Telephone Guide™''s lists are confirmed one by one, every year. Reliability is not a goal, it is a reality at Telephone Guide™.



Telephone Guide™ is the most accessible resource of the Japanese community of California. Unlike newspapers and magazines, each edition of the Telephone Guide™ lasts for one year, often longer. Response to advertisements is consistent throughout the year. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Over 90% of advertisers renew their advertisements every year with Telephone Guide™, and that is the best proof of response.


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